Our goal is to make SGA Gymnastics the PREMIER gymnastics facility in the Carolinas! With our state of the art facility and world renowned coaches, we will continue to bring your children the BEST possible gymnastics experience! 

SGA Gymnastics

 focuses on encouraging physical activity to enrich a child's body and mind while promoting self-confidence, self-discipline, and self-esteem.




Our gymnasts are strong, so is our business. We will manage our business with the same tenacity and discipline that we ask of our gymnasts. Though we will be fiscally sound, we have defined a mission and objectives that have nothing to do with financial returns. Rather, we seek to impact each individual child in a way that builds muscle, character, and self esteem. And, like our business, we will work with your child to set and pursue goals with passion and purpose.



We bring a holistic approach to the development of your child. We nurture their mind, their body, and their spirit.  We strive to bring out the elegance or beauty in  their form, through conditioning and other techniques.  Our gymnasts learn that the end of one motion is the beginning of another, therefore we work on learning and implement graceful connections between elements.



Just like our gymnasts are agile, so is our business. At SGA, we appreciate the busy schedules of you and your children. Whether you are engaging in introductory programs or competitive level gymnastics, we value agility in adapting programs and/or training schedules and approaches to meet the specific objectives, needs, and interests of each individual child and family that we serve.

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