per month


6+ years old


60 minutes once a week

Beginner gymnastics is a class for girls ages 6 and up.  An exciting 60-minute gymnastics class where girls are introduced to all 4 Gymnastics Olympic events; vault, bars, beam, and floor; as well as spending time on our tumble track, and in our above ground foam pit. This is a progressive gymnastics class where the focus is learning beginner gymnastics skills in a fun, positive atmosphere.


per month


6+ years old

90 minutes once a week

Intermediate is an hour and a half gymnastics class where girls are able to spend more time dedicated to each event and take their learning to a new level. Intermediate is geared towards girls who want to take their gymnastics to the next level. In this class girls are introduced to walkovers and handsprings, as well as handstands and cartwheels on beam.