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Abby Kinchen


From a young age, I discovered my deep passion for competitive gymnastics, and it has been a driving force in my life ever since. As a youth, I dedicated countless hours to perfecting my skills and advancing through the ranks, eventually reaching level 10—a proud milestone in my gymnastics career.

While attending Louisiana State University, I was a member of the LSU cheerleading team and graduated with a degree in Biology, along with minors in Chemistry and Spanish.

Following my graduation, I eagerly embraced a career that combined my love for coaching and teaching. Initially, I found myself coaching the varsity cheerleading team while teaching at the local high school. It was a demanding balancing act, but the fulfillment I derived from witnessing the growth and success of my students made every moment worthwhile.

As my journey continued, I transitioned into a more specialized role with gymnastics. Taking on the responsibility for a home school program at a local gym, I had the privilege of guiding and shaping the education of young athletes. Over the span of four years, my leadership skills and teaching style led to remarkable progress and achievement within the program.

However, it was my own daughters' unwavering passion for gymnastics that sparked a renewed fire within me. Their determination and enthusiasm inspired me to return to the floor as a coach, where I continue to motivate and nurture the talents of young athletes. There's an indescribable joy that comes from witnessing their growth and witnessing the spark in their eyes as they conquer new challenges.

Currently, my family of six finds its home in Cary, NC, a place where we have created countless cherished memories. In our leisure time, we relish the opportunity to bond over a game of tennis, embracing the spirit of friendly competition. Additionally, we love embarking on adventures together, exploring new destinations that broaden our horizons and create lasting bonds.

Abby Kinchen
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