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COVID-19 Safety Measures

Your Child’s Health and Safety is our #1 Priority!

We are excited to be offering more recreational classes. We understand you may have questions and concerns as we navigate through these unprecedented times. We have gone above and beyond to put new safety measures in place so you feel comfortable sending your prized possessions to SGA! Please see our new safety protocols and parent responsibility sections below for details.


New Safety Protocols
We are taking a multifaceted approach to keeping your child and our coaches safe.

  • Masks: All Coaches are required to wear a mask while spotting a gymnast. All parents in the gym are asked to wear a mask while entering and moving throughout the gym facility.

  • Deep Cleaning: SGA has a deep-cleaning process that starts with a top-grade disinfectant and more frequent cleaning. Once a week, a special cleaning service is called to spray the common areas and the bathrooms with a special disinfectant proven to kill viruses like COVID-19. 

  • Spray and Wipe Down: The SGA Staff spray and wipe down the surfaces and equipment that are safe to be sprayed on, such as mats on a daily basis. 

  • Staff Tested for COVID-19: Every 2 weeks a SGA Staff member is sent to be tested for COVID-19. This provides additional assurance to you and ensures the health and safety of our Coaches. 

  • Sick Policy: SGA has enforced a strict sick policy wherein, if a Coach or a gymnast feels sick, has a fever, or someone in the household is sick, they are required to stay home. 

  • Potential COVID-19 Contact Provision: in an event that there is a reported case of COVID-19 in the gym, parents will be notified immediately. From there, we will take the proper safety precautions to disinfect the gym. 

  • FUN FACT: According to a research done by scientists at the De Montfort University Leicester, “climbing wall chalk” (same chalk used by the Gymnasts) was found to inactivate the infectivity of the virus and is therefore not considered a risk in the transmission of viruses like COVID-19. The results showed that within just one minute of the virus coming into contact with the chalk, the number of infectious particles in all of the samples was reduced by more than 99%.


Parent Responsibility

We ask you, our family, to partner with us and help us during these unprecedented times. The only way our safety protocols will be effective is if we all do our part.

  • Apart from the government mandated safety guidelines in effect such as wearing a mask, we ask that anyone entering the gym respect the SGA team and fellow parents’ space.

  • Please make sure to practice social distancing when in the gym.

  • Please encourage your child to wash their hands or use a hand sanitizer before and after practice. 

  • If your child, you or anyone in the household has a cough, fever, or symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to the gym until you have been tested for COVID-19. If you have tested positive for COVID-19, or have come in contact with someone who has, we ask that you do not come to the gym for 14 days or until you have tested negative for COVID-19, and inform the gym immediately.


We will continue to fine tune and adjust with the latest guidelines.

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