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Danielle Napoli

Team Coach

Hi! My name is Danielle Napoli and I have been a competitive coach for over 10 years. Before I started working at SGA I created two different Xcel programs at previous gyms and was in charge of the JO developmental program for 6 ½ years. I have coached multiple gymnasts over the years who have qualified to represent North Carolina on the Xcel State Meet Team at Xcel Regionals in Xcel Gold, Xcel Platinum, and Xcel Diamond.

In my free time I like to enjoy time with my husband, who is from New York, and my two dogs and Rabbit. I am obsessed with the show Friends, my rabbits name is Pheobe Buffey, a character on the show. If I am not at home watching Friends, I am spending time with my big New York Italian family!

Danielle Napoli
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